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aliens mom predator 

* w02W'WOW 1^1V29 *ttt3OfA Ol,aliens,mom,predator
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gandalf mom moria 

Your reaction when you enter your room after your mom cleaned it.4I HAVE NO MEMORY OF THIS PLACE,gandalf,mom,moria
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phone mom 

ON THE PHONE WITH MOMYep. OK. Alright. OK. Alright. Yes.I will. Yep. OK. Alright. OK. Alright. Yes. I will. Yep. OK. Alright. OK. Alright. Yes. I will. Yep. OK. Alright. OK. Alright. Yes. I will. Yep. OK. Alright. OK. Alright. Yes. I will. Yep. OK. Alright. OK. Alright. Yes. I will. Yep. OK.
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comics korean comics mom son 

Hey, Sam! I'm home!ea% ^ *& *o***& *['JtSJ,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,korean comics,manhwa, sex comics,mom,son
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comics mom mother's day 

/ MoTftSVsI Love yu(*uJc4>olvCovv\/.*\(.^ 6<. /v\etfoot,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,mom,mother&#039;s day
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auto mom dad texting 

Mom Where are you????'1'Leaving walmart. Halfway home?Why sweetie?You brought me to walmart with'1 youOH DARN! Be there in a bitQ(~__ Son, your in big trouble?Because your texting me while' your in school.Are your serious?!! You textecT me first!Your great aunt just passed away. LOL"'Why is that
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comics rage comics mom test alcohol yao ming face facepalm 

r- '"A Mom! I got the highest ^ score in a test!Thats so great Derp! Which test was itPThe Blood Alcohol Content test,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,rage comics,mom,test,alcohol,yao ming face,facepalm
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mom god jesus comics disorder 

mom,god,jesus,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,disorder
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comics mac mcdonalds rage comics lol trollface mom challenge accepted face expectation vs reality fast food 

Mam said: Pass High School and i will buy you a "MAC"Challange acceptedExpectationReality,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,mac,mcdonalds,rage comics,lol,trollface,mom,challenge accepted face,expectation vs reality,fast food
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comics children power rangers mom sean bean 

Me and my friend, age 6, playing at his house. *me* *not me*Dude, I got it! ZOMG! YES! Let's be Power x.m the Red Rangers! Ranger!I don't think so. I'm the Red Ranger.You can No! You be be the Blue the Blue Ranger. Ranger!MOM! TELL DERP THAT N0! I'M THE RED RANGER!Now boys, play nice! You can be
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