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Common MythConceptionsWorld's most contagious falsehoodsBubbles size= virulence of idea (google hits)SCIENCE I SPORTThe VomitoriumNot a room Romans used for Bacchanalian binges, but the name for the entrance to a stadium.Different tongue partsThere are no different sections for each taste: bitter,
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IDURBAN MYTHS OF GAMINGLuicis mflnsion<9>closely resembles Luigi hanging from y/ \ aC*W' ' W=yv%i' Players decided Luigi was a ghost.Hi truthmflDDEfl RFL SERiESPOHEfTlOn RED RRD CREEflPOKMON DROVE CHILDREN INSANEmiRECRRFTPOLVBUSTHE LEGEflD OF EELDH ITIHJORfl S ITIRSHA ZELDA CARTRIDGE WAS
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