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tJierorceisstjongwjtJithistjmelordFor "Hit lost time. I'm not naming rr\y child Actual Proof I had ix wrth Lily Evan*.I don't know what you have cujain^t awesome unisex ncunes. but fine.we ll coJ Kim Harry.pabug-tailstrawberrwespers:well-im-the-lord-of-time:passthecocaine:Yeah but can you
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Dorkly comics more in comments games RPG name 

Other panels is under the cut
NAME YOUR CHARACTER 1[qW ERTY U 1 0PAS D Z XF CG VH J K B N MLHow should you name your characters?1IWWPi1I W&&OU poy/ A NEW RP3/ I CANT WAIT TO 5TART PLAyiMG AND-,Dorkly,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,more in comments,games,RPG,name
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Your Villain NameFirst Name:Last NameA- The EvilA- ShadowB- The MadB- KnightC- The BigC- TarantulaD- The DangerousD- SkullE- CaptainE- MastermindF- The GhostlyF- WizardG- ProfessorG- NinjaH- DoctorH- DevilI- PhantomI- FreakJ- The BrutalJ- BeastK- The UnstoppableK- CriminalL- The VileL- MasterM- The
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clearanceSPoop PantsBUTTSHELFSun SticksTIME BRACELETS,mainstream,name,sale
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Extra panel is under the cut
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comics rarecandytreatment Pokemon hero birth name asshat 

He's beautifulUur very ovon little angelSo young and fragile, and voi-VV% this huge voorld in sVore for him.HeT meant for great deeds I can feel it.Remember hovo 1 wanted V\iiv\ to carry on my grandfathers name?He's a strong child, dear. He'll voear it voith pride.1 remember now'.His nawe
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~T~ake +Ke +i'me +o lear A +Ke rooie of every SiAOjIe persOA +Ka+ you work wi'+K.3us+ SO you caA rub i+ (A someone's -Pace wheA +hey doA'+ remember yours.How was Your weekend, Bob?,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,calmblueoceans,name,worker
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comics thedoghousediaries name guy awkward worker 

BAD WITH NAMESDay 2Day 4Day 20How's it goirV Will?Softy wan, but I'm terrible witb names and I missed yours tbe first day. I should Have just asked you again but I always worry I'm gonna offend someone.oDOGHOUSEDI ARIES,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,the doghouse diaries,name,guy,dude,
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