oh god why

oh god why

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A girl once asked me to keep my dorm door unlocked so that she could wake me up in the morning. The next morning she crawled into bed with me, and I couldn't understand why she would come over if she was so tired.I stayed perfectly still so that she would be able to sleep.A girl once asked to use
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COMPOfOH GOD WHY?:A Very Embarrasing history of JesuschristofAZ*Me, Age 4 at the height of Austin Power's popularity with the release of the first film.Wanna Shag?I haven't been asked that since I met your grandfather...DAMMIT ANTIUIUUU-OH GODAge five with best friend at timeHey dude, you know if
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*staying with my grandmother**le me 6-8 years old*I*she sleeps in the bed with me sometimes and she wears this nightie thing** in the night I pull it up and try to spoon with her.**try to get penis against naked skin**My face when I was essentially trying to fuck my grandma MY FUCKING GRANDMA WHO
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A wild used condom appeared!*le pick up**le put condom on hand*LOLi im supermani iLoll mum look im supermani i iReally? infront of my friends?Wash your fucking hands and get in the carl,funny pictures,auto,rage comics,oh god why,facepalm,lol guy,harp derp,park,condom
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How I think my voice soundsWhen I hear my voice on any recordingHAIGUYS!!OH GOD,funny pictures,auto,rage comics,oh god why,fuck yea,retarded face,sponge bob,voice
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{q\ Vtr') *Me, 8 years old*discover fapping recently* 1 V* 1r,p \ )(5SK* *Keep doing it for over an hour**Di^ 9ets swollen**Get really afraid**Have to tell my mom and dad what I did*OH GODStory by:ftmnyjunk*me, 11 years old*^discover fapping recently**mom asks me to vacuum room**use vacuum hose to
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James, the passwords "rocketscience". Let's begin, shall we.,funny pictures,auto,rage comics,oh god why,bad poker face,Im watching you,retarded face,presentation
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*Me, casually strolling to school in the rain. \ s V^Suddenly I meet some random guy I've never seen before, no fucks were given.* Just as our eyes meet, a rain drop decides to plant itself in my left eye. V Y/l V ' ) >/ / // r / saw:^ f VI / ^How I felt:d|| (JOD,funny pictures,auto,rage comics,oh
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