painted by myself

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painted by myself 

What should I draw?

This question got me thinking. After all, I am not a professional artist, and I had no ideas.
Then the thought came to me: "What if I were a character in the Reactor Chronicles?" I decided to draw a self-portrait.
~1 ~ol,painted by myself
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painted by myself 

painted by myself
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painted by myself 

I'm not an artist, but I tried my best

painted by myself
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painted by myself reactor-chan art sandbox handmade 

My first try in drawing. Hope you like.

painted by myself,reactor-chan,art,beautiful pictures,sandbox,handmade
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painted by myself gif furry art sandbox erotic gif 

painted by myself,gif,gif animation, animated pictures,furry art,sandbox,erotic gif
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painted by myself ivent event Пидоры Джойреактора В Паралельной Вселенной 

I'm not an artist, but a challenge is a challenge, so I tried to draw a Retro from the anime "Dead Leaves"

painted by myself,ivent,event,Пидоры Джойреактора В Паралельной Вселенной,,

P.S. I was glad to participate in the event, I will miss you .com
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pixel art minimalism reactor-chan painted by myself event 

New Year's reactor-chan in February)

link to the gif

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Gachimuchi art vsrat-art Reyf painted by myself 

Gachimuchi,art,beautiful pictures,vsrat-art,Reyf,painted by myself
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Russia Legends of JoyReactor stargate jojo reference Reyf sandbox split art painted by myself ...countries JoJo Pose oldfag vsrat-art newfag 

.cc pidors open for self

Russia,countries,,Legends of JoyReactor,stargate,oldfag,newfag,jojo reference,JoJo Pose,Reyf,sandbox,split,art,beautiful pictures,vsrat-art,painted by myself
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witcher painted by myself reactor sandbox SvolochAbramov 

When the new event started

r<5 1>0(" PIW,witcher,painted by myself,reactor,sandbox,SvolochAbramov
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