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Apple, pen, scan lol I totally put this in the wrong place
<7 %(0QQ SearchTROLLING IN MARIO U... X apple jokes / funny...Google AccountsKik Messenger I Fast,...I 2Greek pen apple colorScan the color that you wantNow, the color is yours to use01:48:06; 16 Mar 2013 blog and forum code link C^O92Greekcomics iovoftech watch google
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*staying with my grandmother**le me 6-8 years old*I*she sleeps in the bed with me sometimes and she wears this nightie thing** in the night I pull it up and try to spoon with her.**try to get penis against naked skin**My face when I was essentially trying to fuck my grandma MY FUCKING GRANDMA WHO
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* got le message from Derpina that she needs to meet me right now.omg, omg, omg!!!! FINALLY91*le chating with crush Derpinaso, what's new?today was the worst day of ray life'II I just found out that a guy I like has a girlfriend!!!!!!!,american psycho,rage comics,wat face,poker face,better than
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*Me, med studentn.64fNV^Attending"Ma'mrn, we looked at your scans, and it appears that your lung cancer has returned."Are you still smoking?""Yup! Two packs a day, like I have for the last 30 years!""Uhh....okay.....have you evertried to quit?"1?"Of course not! My aunt smoked for 35 years, and then
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I think I'll look at sotne old facebook stuff I posted!,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,oh god why,poker face,facebook
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