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Hey-hey-hey, it's Friday again! Did you miss my usual erotic post? I guess not. But anyway, here it is :)
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^ Home @ LieAccountSearch shit...MPeter Fucken@Trolololhar har u mad? u mad mad? Under a bridge, Mordor8050875 tweets 50 following 500o/o(lowersTwat for Peter Fucken@TrolololTwats>Foowing>Followers>Favorites>Nonsense shit>Similar to this idiotAss @JBFAN Dickhead @Slutface@2012 Twatter about our
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]/ AVj Tumblr posT abouT feeding rh\e homeless 30T/0,000 reblos/ It 's so verysaTis-pcjin^ To be making a difference in people's lives.,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,homeless,syacartoonist,food,meal,post
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Like this if you are a boy or a girl.Like Comment * 36 seconds ago NO. I'M A FUCKIN POTATO,funny pictures,auto,post,dumb,like,potato,you don't say
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(^g Like  Comment  Share  3 minutes ago via BlackBerry  1*MMHI^Mthanks for dinner... and my new car and everything on ebay 2 minutes ago Like Did you just post some kids credit card number all over Facebook? about a minute ago  LikeWrite a comment... Shannon MMum hello everyone I didn't mean to put
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Sharongot my prom dress:)) ttvs is what it looks Hce! * ~> C:V5ocuments ar>d Settings'Pan Y*1y Documents V1y P>cturesV2xl8xl2\2x 18x12 023aa.jpgLice Comment4 7minutes ago near Rochester &kjy J Rebecca fal>?IfiJ S nvtutes ago Like - *3 1u-JjTm Sharonreally you have to copy it and paste it |K^
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Funny Bad days -1-Today, I moved out of my parents house, to a town two hours away from them. As I was leaving, my mum, while choking back tears, gave me a big hug and kiss. My dad gave me a high five with a huge smile on his face. FML#10586653 (128) I agree, your life sucks (2166) - you totally
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funny pictures,auto,post,Taylor Swift,sex,fucking
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