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SHERIJT ROGERS The only lawman In a brut al, lawless landi THE WIDOWInformation broker. Works often with St ark.THE BANNERSCousins Bruce Banner^ * Jenny Walters.;Owner of The Iron Tavern Maker of cheap whiskey and agent of risky deals.Traveling Salesman Remedies, snake oils & charms. Self

EDDIE THE BITE BROCKTHE DEADPOOL KIDTHE SKULL MFormer oil tycoon, horribly disfigures in an explosion.He has turned his wealth to ruling the west with an iron fist. Said to command a private army. COALTROUA coal powered machine of destruction. Creator unknown. This is the only known photo. The

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HERO UNDIESAquamary Batman. Beast, Black Widow; C aptain America, Captain Marvel, Dare, Dead Pool. Flash, Green Arrow. Green Lantern, Hawkeye, Hawk man, Hulk, Iron Man, Martian Manhunter, Nightc rawler, Punisher, Robin, She-hulk. Silver Surfer, Spawn. Sptder-Man, Sub-Mariner, Superman. The
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Qfee/I HAVENT HAD MY COFFEE YETDONT MAKE ME KILL YOUDRINKCOFFEEDo Stupid Things Faster with More EnergyCOFFEE!because crack isnt allowed in the workplace!,coffee,posters,retro
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