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I wanna post something funny!

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EMERGENCY: YOUVE JUST BEEN STABBED IN THE THIGH BY A TODDLERchairman-of-th3-board:I still lose my shit to this photo.,art,beautiful pictures,geek,psa,public service announcement,sign,baby,stab,emergency
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A PSA for everyone

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UJUJ.BftC.e,booK. Co(Y\ /\b?0nll^CtCoiA'C^ |b<&Fotj4i>bC,g--lOn,bigfoot justice,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,drugs,psa
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YOU'RE SNIFFING EVERY OTHER BUTT THEY'VE EVER SNIFFEDGoUegdhSeriously. That's poop.My name is Hector. Yes, I'm a Chihuahua. No, I don't like Taco Bell.PREJUDICE HURTS.Last year 40,000 dogs died when they stuck their head out a window.GdkfdfumonGoUegdhmonHE'S HERE TO CHOP YOUR BALLS OFF.Number of
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