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This is my friend's resume. He got the job.NICHCredentials that will satisfy any organization's appetite'Marketina Professional{Z\/ ^Ioroonnl . _ .Namo: Nick I Edu. Level: MBA Serv. Size 1 careerV*TO"if D**y MiU (Cfif) M I toted on Mr/ang hwrrvng a/\1 nor* Kfmnenctf110"/ Communication t C100%
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things I wish I could put on my resumeObjective: seeking the most money for the least amount of responsibilityHighlighted Qualifications:Dedicated: Once watched entire season of Breaking Bad in 24-hour time period Perfectionist: Earned 100% completion on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Problem Solver
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c/Officeat Software Company (Chels*kiih irt! In i/l<>V(iwriwiiirTWNf^lWn^theposition Ive been looking for'Forget all the other candidates for Aviary, I am the BEST.*Organizing shit? Check*Calling numbers and shit? Doublecheck*Customer support and shit? Mega-check.*Faxing numbers and shit?
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