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VV they're crap, but it's quantity over qualityBy E. Parker on June 30, 2016 Verified Purchasethey're crap, but it's quantity over quality, passed them out at a protest against the westboro baptist church to drown them out. not the loudest on their own, but when you've got 70 odd angry queers
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nil AT&T LTEamazon^-^primeInstructions unclearThis was very confusing for kitty.Please print instructions in cat to avoid these kind of accidents.353 people found this helpfulNot Helpful,funny pictures,cats,feeding,amazon,review,fail
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massager review 

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bowl review 

In-Store ReviewI can't BOWL-ieve how much cereal this holds HAHAhaha.I told my wife that joke and she left me.This bowl also holds lots of tears, just FYI.-Teddy B.,bowl,review
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Assassin'SREE DUnityUpdating...*y2%Time remaining: 2.5 hoursTHIS HAS BEENAssassin'SREE DUnity,Dorkly,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,assassin's creed unity,games,review
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