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ORTHODOXYgiddy of uppingsremove homofascistsOhail putinopposition is killNot Even Once,countryballs,polandball,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,Russia,countries,Ukraine,greece,romania,serbia,antireligion
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Poland come work Denmark have many jobs Yes! (0 0Poland work hard t 11 for Denmark >rjj^! /T) Yes, Poland willbepaid m eOkay Poland finish all of Demnark's No monies work, where for you is Poland's Poland monies 0) J8&- ~<dPoland Co, kurwa . . . ciDank? cannot into Poland contract you work very get
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1941Romania du bist of nazi nowokey1944Rumeinia you be of communist nowThe water is clearer now!The..Hello RomaniaHello EU,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,countryballs,polandball,romania,freedom
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Mordor?.E. ..nope, Brasov, Komania.,mordor,romania
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RUSSIACOSTA RICARomania,auto,romania,train
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