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VHS roulette: A very dangerous game to play. Is it porn or a birthday party? PR0120&TDKVIVID,roulette,vhs,porn,funny porn and fucking images, doing sex jokes, xxx,funny,funy picture,picture
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What could it be?

12^"||Il jr-120I FSrel 'EQSHh fuji |!|1 120 HBHSMHL ilm pB |i,meme,funny pictures,vhs,video tape,roulette,guess
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Yo, man I'm fucking bored.I know something we can do.What did you have in mind?We shall play...AFRICAN ROULETTE!African Roulette?Her, I guess.Then I'll pick you.I/Now what? /Just wait. \Oh my god. /Dude, best game ever, yThis is really awesome, but I wasWhat's the roulette part?/Oh, I was just
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