sad sacks

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4ad4acksSea son 01' Episode 49:She's a Ufcfele Hoarse.Wow, it's true, you can lead a horse to 'Mater but you can't Make hiM drink.Challengeaccepted.hfctp://sadsacks.ca2015 JaMes Wallace 5 Johnny "Wasabi"' Larocque,sad sacks,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,horse,drinking,bet,cheating
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Sad SacksSeason 01 - Episodef 2e le/Aon L TarfeHang on, let; Me over think this.,uiii'l I I MUc Only Sell\}MNto3 /,Do you have ^ Pair trade organic v kale Mist? Ahttp://saasacks.oaZOIS Canes Wallace S Johnny "Wasabi" Larocque,sad sacks,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,time,waiting in
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Sad SacksSea son01 - Episode 43,-V Oh the Huge l ManateeWhafc was up with earlier?I guess he hafces volunteer work.hbbp;//sad5acks.caZC15 Wallace s Oohnnij "Wasabi"' Larocque,sad sacks,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,puns,double entendre,innuendo,plumbing,carpentry,guy talk
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