sex offense

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I wanna post something funny!

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That they need a sign tells ya something

geek,funny picture,sign,cemetery,sex offense
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Proud to be a Pervert and Sex Offender!

Proud to be a Pervert and Sex Offender!
I am so proud of the fact that I am a Pervert and Sex Offender. For over 50 years I have exposed myself to many people and have earned this glorious title: Sex Offender!!!
Love to look at pics of young girls in the nude. I scout various nudist sites and find pics of girls that I assume are legal to look at. I find no reason that I can't look at these without suffering from the usual "political correctness" about such things!
I love to expose myself to the sweet young things and masturbate for them. What a joyous opportunity to share with them the excitement of me stroking and cumming for them!

I'm willing and able to expose myself, and have been seen and accosted recently by a woman who watched me. This really substantiated my sex offender status, an award that I wear proudly! Other than NOT being arrested, this was the best thing that has ever happened to me....!
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God Wants Me to be a Pedophile! And I Accepted!!

God Wants Me to be a Pedophile! And I Accepted!!
God has given me a mission due to my attraction towards chil dren and my skills in masturbation and exhibitionism. I see myself as a gentle, caring man, who simply loves chil dren.

God gave me a wonderful penis and testicles that I am able to share with these chil dren. God specifically wants me to share this gift with young girls – and I feel like it touches a deeply emotional part of me to see the face of an young girl, curiously watching as I expose my penis to her. As I become fully erect, I show her what a real man looks like!

I can imagine smiling warmly at a single girl, or even a group of girls as they watch me masturbate. I can see this moment as a very powerful dynamic for me, especially in those final moments when I know I will soon ejaculate. I speak to them, asking them to watch closely as I know the end is near!

The girls watch as my penis becomes very rigid, and then pulses as my semen erupts from it explosively. God wants me to show these girls what a real man looks like in all his glory. There is a no more beautiful sight to see than my still erect penis, semen dripping down onto my testicles . Enjoying the last spasms of my orgasm, I tell them, “this is what God wants me to show you”!

I feel like it would mean the world for me to do God’s bidding – to have them there watching this whole process and seeing what a man does with his penis – seeing me masturbate and cum for them. This is truly my gift from God!!

Many, many years ago in Hawaii:

I’d been hanging out poolside when I noticed a woman with three young girls. Oldest about 9, others younger including a toddler. I was interested in the 9 year old and wondered when she might be making a run to the changing rooms (bathrooms!)

She had a pretty two piece bathing suit on and I saw her get up and start walking over to the bath house restrooms. I had overheard her mother calling her TJ at the pool.

I got up and went around quickly, so as she got closer to where I was, I called over to her “TJ! Would you like to play with my little boy?”

She was surprised that I knew her name and allowed me to lead her over to the changing huts – the one for men…

I told her to wait a minute and went inside to make sure no one else was in there. I went out and asked her to come in and meet my son.

We went in and I asked her if she could see my son. She was looking around at the benches and around the room and didn’t see him.

“Where is your son” she asked me. I told her that he was probably hiding – and said “let’s go look”. I led her over to one of the stalls in the bathroom – telling her that he was playing hide and seek~!

We entered a stall, and I closed the door. As she turned toward me, I told her “you are such a pretty little girl, but I don’t like that swimsuit. Would you mind taking that off for me please?”

I could tell that she was scared. I told her in a firm voice that I was waiting, and would she like me to help her undress.

She removed the top, and then pulled the bottoms off. She was now standing naked in front of me and I told her that I liked what I saw.

I pulled down my shorts, telling her that I’d remove my clothes too. I could feel the familiar urges in my groin as I reached down and started to massage my now firm penis. I said to her, “This is what a real man looks like! I hope you like what you see…”

As she watched me masturbate, I came quickly and reached out to her, my hand covered with cum. I told her that she was special and that she could get dressed and leave.

I left the changing area and watched as that wonderful little girl came out the door behind me. Still nude. And crying. And probably with my semen still on her shoulder where I had touched her….

This is how I serve God and use the gift of my penis that was given to me!
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Nudist and Casual Exhibitionist!

I’m normally a shy and low profile person, but I have been endowed with a most magnificent penis. My years of exhibitionism have served me well in showing so many people my love affair with my penis. I am proud to show what a real man looks like!

Love of my penis has led me to actively commit Sex Offenses - leading me to become a pervert and flagrant Sex Offender -known as “Mr Masturbate”!

We have scores of videos that we have posted under the name of Mrmasturbate:

I really enjoy having a penis, and feel that women are here for our pleasure! Women are great places to dump our cum and we love them for it!

I think that Dad’s should have a great relationship with our daughters! Fucking them is a great way to show how much you love them. And great for Dad’s too!!!

I have committed numerous Sex Offenses by Exposing myself in public places and Masturbating. I am a Sexual Deviate and a Pervert. I’ve been committing Sex Offenses since I was 11 years old and I continue to commit Sex Offenses

I have posted a large body of evidence that attests to how much of a pervert I am and have become. My enjoyment of my status as a Sex Offender is well documented in the following sites - just a tip of the Sex Offending “iceberg” that defines me!!

All of these sites, especially the videos, are very revealing and disturbing. I have given in to my Sexual Perversions and am under the influence of “Mr Masturbate” – who shows a complete disregard for morals, ethics, and personal safety.

My Sex Offenses number in the thousands. There are hundreds of people who have seen me expose myself and masturbate. My videos have over a quarter million views!

I advocate being a Sex Offender and committing Sex Offenses!
I have also written a number of essays that are posted at:

My preferences for exposing myself and masturbating for young girls is of particular interest. I want these young ladies to see what a real man looks like! I find great pleasure and excitement in anyone that I expose to, but I seek out women and young girls as prime targets for my Sexual Escapades!

I love stories about young girls, and this site has some great ones!

My proud claim to be a Sex Offender is well founded. If you do a google search for “sex offender exhibitionist” and look at videos, you will find me! I’m famous!!

The fact that I have, so far, avoided being arrested as a Sex Offender is a testament to my ability to "stay under the radar" combined with an amazing degree of forbearance and good luck....
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