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situation awkward 

When you say bye to someone and both of you leave in the same direction,situation,awkward
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nauseousstressedLEM0A/ 6AZ>1Q/weft TEA,tea,situation,informative

Sleepless COLElOERROUJE*GREFA/Tea,tea,situation,informative

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*Your comfJohn just had some quality bath salts.When Mary sits down, John is going to steal her crutches and eat her face.Nice one John.Train etiquette.Super simple stuff.A landRailKevin held onto his jawbreaker when a dork passed by him.Good thinking Kev.I bet you think Doug stole this bike. But
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YOUVE SPILLEDON YOURLocate small object that can be held in both hands.Use object to cover stain.YOURE BEINGreprimanded IN PUBLIC.Remain calm.SITUATIONyour BABYis CRYINGExplain to baby just how embarrassing he looks.Run.If step 1 fails, proceed to cry louder than baby.SITUATIONYOU HAVEarmpitSWEAT
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Handle every stressful situation like a dog.If you can't eat it or play with it, Just pee on it and walk away.,funny pictures,auto,dog,situation,piss
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