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doodle stranger photos art 

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eye contact stranger iguanamouth comics 

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stranger buttersafe comics candy lesson 

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comics stranger talking I don't always memes 

X dor\'+ aluays talk +o s+ran^ersm Bui I/ X. do1+4 to Say some+KAOj comple+ely retarded.\ I1%,0,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,stranger,talking,I don't always,memes
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funny pictures auto fml straight face OMG RUN Guy poker face retarded face house friend stranger ...rage comics basement 

Going to friend's house for the first timeIs this the right house? Does Isaac live here?That must be itYes. He's basement. a drink?in the Would youlike*Phone calls**Riiiiiiiing*Today, l was going over to my friend's house for the first time. A creepy-lookmg old man answered, and smiled at me. I
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1.Gather a few willing people (no more than 3, including yourself).2.Target a random stranger.3.In order, over the course of the day, have each person bump into them and say the following:"Wake up.""You're in a coma.""This isn't real."4.After saying your phrase, walk away and pretend it never
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funny pictures auto Powerpuff Girls pokey oaks stranger nsfw 

*At Pokey Oaks Kindergarten*Hey girls, what's up?We're not allowed to talk to strangers.I'm no stranger, I'm the .or's old buddy.What is it,u 1 LPriI'm a registered sex offender and you should've listened to your instincts.Prepare Your Anus girls.NooooooooooooooooooooomaMy butt hurts.Girls? What
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auto comics yao ming face omg rage face husband wife stranger sandwich 

This is a story of a husband and a wife...fe>&\ } aTHENeXTdavaWhen husband got back, the porch light was okay.When he check stove, it was aaa-ooo-kaaay.When he flush toilet, it was running perfectly.FLASHBACK*Then, a stranger ^a ..."Either make him a..ava sex Klth
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You may want to wait for the version of the iPad that doesn't include strangers asking if it's an iPad.son (^cards,ecards,auto,ipad,stranger
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