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human aaronjm @humanaaroncopywriter: you're familiar with the Hamburglar?Taco Bell exec: of coursecopywriter: introducing the ChalupacabraTaco Bell exec: I'm gonna kiss you on the mouth10:52 AM 2/16/20 Twitter for iPhone501 Retweets 2,733 Likes,geek,taco bell,chalupa,chupacabra,meme,twitter,mashup
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They should win the Nobel prize for thisI taco!! BELL,geek,funny pictures,memes,taco,food,meal,taco bell,pepto bismol
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rill rifot; ^ 'fifi oiJJIliELI ULllL,meme,geek,funny pictures,cars,seat,taco,food,meal,taco bell
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reminds me of taco bell

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