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Looters have it easy today. It was a lot harder to run with a Color TV in 1968.i?jwSEfeiSuBl uuaa^jsyis-^_,geek,tv,television,looter,thief,funny
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Periodic Table of Sci-Fi Film and Television
PERIODIC TABLE OF SCI-F1*11RoddenlucathineInertII Camerokubriclarkine Miscellaneous34_.Metallicrichtonide2 Tas AnhA New HopCO11 Tng N1 Generation12 Esb EmpireIIIIVVVIVII419 Voy Voyager20 Rj Jedi21 An Alien22 Tmn Terminator23 Tm MacRfne24 Tz Twilight Zone25 Hal 2001533 Ds9 Deep Spjcc34 Pm Phantom
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