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I wanna post something funny!

art meme renaissance iphone text 

art,beautiful pictures,meme,renaissance,iphone,text
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funny text burn condom 

dogcentre ^3 dickmachine?009 &r DavidsUj Yesterday at 21:37 JUMy Olympic Condoms have finally arrived .. link I wear gold tonight;) with Shannvl Like P Comment& Share3 people like this.aShanrMaybe you can wear silver instead and come second for a change...Yesterday at 21:38 Like 1
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text phone fail deleted 

Don't text and walk ;)

link to the gif
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site text cheerupemokid comics 

.,site,text,cheerupemokid,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons
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text prediction phone thor's thundershack comics 

text,prediction,phone,thor's thundershack,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons
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invisible bread comics text social skills 

i really dofl't ujo/)/ki Stay a 4oAigh4...i hope SomeoAC Aiagically+e*ts to* u/,+^ a 4hirt<j 4o do,.il 10:5 8 PMJameshey dude, were at the arcade! come here for some games!GAMES!,invisible bread,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,text,social skills
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text design informative 

WHAT MAKES AN INFOGRAPHICBAD.& HOW TO MAKE IT BETTERWith the high demand for infographics, the same bad practices often pop up. But there is a way to make infographics better. Here are a few do's and don'ts to help you accentuate that amazing content and better understand what makes a great
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funny text texting ring wedding 

I want this oneBitch you better downgrade,funny,text,texting,ring,wedding
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zealot Russia countries joyreactor text 

then we see that most of the users here is Russian, and comes from the original website joyreactor.cc ... and there thing it really catches fire, wanted to know Russian to understand some things .. the translator does not help much in those hours .. the cool thing is you have new people coming in here .. I hope they continue with posts as I try to continue .. and take things forward, I do not know, I just like this place and the people here..
and I understand English well so.. yeah.. thats it :)
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iphone send text NSA 

iififl Telstra 3G13:00MessagesSending...Edit^U7uZ72|TTZ^Z!Sending to NSAGood workSending to friend * 29/02/2012 12:59Delivered I I r7\,iphone,send,text,NSA
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