thor's thundershack

thor's thundershack

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fYou've fa/led at Stopping my plan. Lex Lonq JklIt's over, pve won.f Do you expec^H i[/n to ti *o, Mister Long, I expect you to die]IHA HA HA HA HA1 HA HAff HAJWhat that's it?A red dot on mu crotch?Mot even a f sliqk warm I & tickle.It's lois favourite toy.01I'* - *Altx Orirrl -
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comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,thor's thundershack,groundhog day,guy,dude, fellow,life
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So close
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comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,thor's thundershack,who wants to be a millionaire,internet,old people
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/00P!W00P!\A/00f/OOPIWOOPIWOOPlwooplwc'ooplwoopiwoopiwoaopiWc'oopiwoopiwoopiwoa}I can barely hear i yself tli/'nfe!pfp-Oh jeez.Is that v ^ the fire alarm?D/w^ tMnq must be-1 brokerM1 I'll qei maintenance Lonto it!: 0nit/OOP/OOP/OOP woo WOOP WOO WOOPWOOI-1WOOP !\A/OOP JWOOP 'WOOP .OOP IVVOOP,
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*PLOP*Equestricide - Tbors Tkindersbacfc,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,thor's thundershack,the godfather,parody,horse,head
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For vA^at you are asking meto do I am going to need to see more zeroes.IBG>e<jue- TKors TkundersMcftAlt* DrW - 20ktf^/wAkA^4krsti^eiKe<Aavri,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,thor&#039;s thundershack,killer,murderer,money
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MiMe. Name. - >? Thunder shackDrjmi - 20Bktf^/vMM*AtfmKMitnhadiaMn,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,guy,dude, fellow,middle name,dumb,thor&#039;s thundershack
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H ey, lA^ant anything to drink.mDo you (nave, cofee?.IS/o( Nothing. It's so low calorie t^tV even seeIt says themainingredients^are Nitrogen ' llYou mean ero?H Or tast 1.e it or it. ^1 Pmi<*Is It just ajr in a bottle?and Oxygen.wrI'il just Inavel glass of I uyater.,PiSuityourself.No, it's [Cofee
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