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meme birth husband wife doctor twitter sex 

gja r/dadjokes5Posted by u/madazzahatter ly ^NSFWMy wife just gave birth today and after thanking the doctor, I pulled him aside and sheepishly asked, "How soon do you think we'll be able to have sex?"WholesomeHe winked at me and said, "I'm off duty in ten minutes - meet me in the car
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art geek twitter crab Bulls robot sex 

/jK| Deniz Camp @ SDCCjaHJ @MDesaadIf you turn the Chicago bulls logo upside down it's a robot having sex with a crab1:36 PM 9/14/19 Twitter for iPhone,art,beautiful pictures,geek,twitter,crab,Bulls,robot,sex,fucking
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meme text twitter vibrator bees 

Kyle@KylePlantEmojiV/The other passengers on the bus stare at me. I think they can hear the vibrator in my ass"Those are my emotional support bees", I insist.This reassures no one8/26/18,14:10,meme,text,twitter,vibrator,bees
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twitter chris evans scarlett johansson 

Chris Evans 0W @ChrisEvansV12:34 AM 06 Jun 19 Twitter for Android456.8K Retweets 781.OK LikesScarlett Johansson 0 @scarlettjo... Im v Replying to @ChrisEvans a couple of best friendstl 33.4K Z) 55.7K SQ,twitter,chris evans,scarlett johansson
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meme twitter ai EA software oral science geek 

MOTHERBOARDVICE.COMScientists Processed 109 Hours of Oral Sex to Develop an Al that Sucks DickShould have called EA they been making software that sucks dick for years.,meme,twitter,ai,EA,software,oral,science,smart jokes for clever people,geek
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meme bear piano trying twitter 

Bear breaks into Colorado house, plays the piano but not very HOOD ORACLE@MADBLACKTHOTHe's trying his fucking best you bitch,meme,bear,piano,trying,twitter
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twitter kitchen locked 

sachin (ung Lady)@SachMan_I'm locked in my fucking kitchen. A swift breeze slammed my door and my dog somehow locked it. Somebody help me please5:06pm 17 Mar 2017 Twitter for SAMSUNG Smart Fridg7 LIKES,twitter,kitchen,locked
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ryan reynolds photoshop twitter 

Average Rob@AverageRobVEither my friend is really good at Photoshop or Ryan Reynolds broke into my apartmentRyan Reynolds O@VancityReynolds\/@AverageRob tell the cops it was photoshop,ryan reynolds,photoshop,twitter
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spaghetti twitter art 

Mr. Drinks On Me@Mr_DrinksOnMevI dropped a box of spaghetti on the ground and accidentally graduated from Art School. : 23:56 - 12 . 2018 .,spaghetti,twitter,art,beautiful pictures
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twitter language humor sandbox 

O Swedish Canary@SwedishCanaryMy dad died because we couldn't remember his blood type. As he died, he kept insisting for us to "be positive," but it's hard without him.,twitter,language,humor,sandbox
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