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Buran Mria ussr spaceship sandbox Ukraine countries airplane 

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disguise awkwardzombie comics metal gear solid ussr 

Snake, your presence in USSR territory is already a violation of international conventions of warfare.If you're detected, it could spark an international incident.You've been issued a kit of camouflaging face paints.Use them to conceal yourself more effectively.Remember, the key is to blend in with
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comics countryballs ussr bridge 

Said SovietBut mid-size Finland says:No, no, no, do not taktfM yuo of like a bigger guy. ( Take the bigger country, ^-,round'andfatandbouncyDAMN@SOu@03ffiG5,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,countryballs,polandball,ussr,bridge
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Friends (tv show) tv shows tv sitcom ussr sandbox 

What you didn't know about "Friends"
Friends (tv show),tv shows,tv,sitcom,ussr,sandbox
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films tv Russian films ussr more in comments deleted 

Famous phrases in Russia from old Soviet films.
films,movies,tv,Russian films,ussr,more in comments,deleted
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comics countryballs ussr Russia countries disguise 

What a day.The coast is of clear.DAY 8056: They still,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,countryballs,polandball,ussr,Russia,countries,disguise
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ussr virtualshackles comics stalin Mega Man games power 

SHrtW ? 'S KW ><6NV MOZV8103h3aoi/3h /.w SW iHNTWlS,ussr,virtualshackles,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,stalin,Mega Man,games,power
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art Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ussr 

art,beautiful pictures,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,ussr
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 News FeedToo news Most recentGermany added new photo to albumProfile PicturesI l January 19-33 Comment LkeGermany and Italy are now friends. 2, . October 19-36 Comment LiteGermany sweet. ;ust got an Austria, holla" 13 March 19 33 Comment Lke 6 Italy Wees this.UK wtiatevsMarch 14 19:36M I France
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funny pictures auto america determined face you fucking kidding me face trollface are you serious retarded face straight face space ...rage comics countries ussr Poland 

*le nations bragging about space programs circa 1960s{9aV 55)110 0The Soviet Union has plans to go to the moon!110THe U.S. will be landing on Mars!Poland is going to the sun!0IIHow?Utf ?We1 re going at night.'<x S:II,funny pictures,auto,rage comics,countries,ussr,america,determined face,you fucking
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