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Top 10 Movies That Will Inspire You To Write

When writers are trying to get inspired, they usually turn their attention inwards. Their minds are chaotic, and their souls are too emotional. If you have ever tried this method, you know it can go both ways: it may either lead you to creative state, or it may make you more confused than you ever were. Sometimes it’s good to forget about your worries and take a well-deserved rest. Here is a suggestion for a procrastinating activity that won’t make you feel guilty: watch a great movie that will inspire you to create new characters for your story or make the existing ones deeper.

Have you been forcing yourself to write with no success? Maybe you’re done with an important project, so you’re looking for a way to relax? The films suggested in the following infographic are a good choice for any situation! Most of them are classics, so you have to watch them with no excuses. A writer has to be knowledgeable about different forms of art, so you can organize a movie marathon that will serve a great purpose.
All movies suggested in this infographic are inspired by creative souls, as well as by the tortuous process that leads to grand masterpieces. When you see film, literature, and music intertwined in a great visual presentation, you’ll get inspired to go back to your work.

If you are looking for a lighter movie that will help you relax, then you can start with Impromptu – a romantic movie about the life of Frederic Chopin. As all other talented souls, he had a difficult life that inspired him to create the most beautiful music. Are you ready for a seemingly light biography that leaves you with an agonizing impression? Watch Finding Neverland and proceed with all other suggestions in this infographic.
Take the day off! After you watch a great movie, you’ll be inspired to go back to your writing.

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autor of this have huge talent to combine like this.
i know ~89% of them, how about you?
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The Living Tombstone music video youtube Squid Melody Splatoon 

Never played this but i really like lyrics, something beautyfull.

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girl,Installation,art,beautiful pictures,video,adobe after effects

girl,Installation,art,beautiful pictures,video,adobe after effects

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