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Pants on Fir&(<=' ue HftVEKf we missed you/George AlfcKopouUiZt<oNy tow@ G?r"nrt^5,studions,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,guy,dude, fellow,visit,Small talk
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Yo, 5WcUb^! Ylhat's up, man? ...Cool, cool'. Listen IamYou should come/ check oul my S^ee-t neu) plasma screen. Seriously, ^he game I ooks so bailer on his thincjl&atRaccoon.,bird,snail,visit,gif with a story

Nah, man, it's cool. I've got thi,bird,snail,visit,gif with a story


've got-this.,bird,snail,visit,gif with a story

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space human visit 

Every surface mankind has visited as of 2014

VenusAsteroid Itokawa MoonComet 67P/C-G,space,human,visit
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