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And so, the week-race has ended....with our dear тульпа единорога taking the first place in the Top Week chart on joyreactor.com!

Grats, my fellow Pidor))) I'm so proud of You!!!But let's congratulate our second and third places, who managed to stay at top 3 the whole WEEK (even though there was a whole bunch of us, PIDORS from the parallel universe, barging through) - our favorite alcortje and moo_roar !!!Again, it was an amazing week! Cheers!

TOP USERSWeek Month1 / +519.12 alcortje+431.43 moo roar+276.74 Wanzerr+250.15 iggd+247.76 Emperor Hirohito+160.67 Mooa+120.68 Spiriot+104.89 -+103.810 MrPoppins+84.211 monitor+74.312 Onurahi+68.413 Reyf+52.914 darth vader\m/+49.615 Van-av+45.616 Santorv12+44.317 Kerosin+42.318 DeadTR+41.319

Check out the shot from the FINISH CAMERA!

$*** Ory )2*PMoyc Mopjalcortje CUM,legend of joyreactor,moo_roar,week,joyreactor.com,Joyreactor.cc

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5 Brian LaBellem @brianlabelle"If you had a shitty week, just remember that at least you didn't go on the BBC News with your dildo on your bookshelf.",funny pictures,dildo,wall,bookshelf,webcam,apartment,yvette,amos,bbc,news,shitty,week,twitter
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The Oatmeal,oatmeal,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,week,reaction,the oatmeal

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Dark Side of the Horse comics week days 

MOANDAYTEARSDAY,Dark Side of the Horse,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,week,days
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How my week goes:/ Monday\ 2nd ' Monday\ 3rd f Monday\V[s~^ Jj/\ 4th ' Monday/ FridayJ Saturday(fr \\^ /g\ JV/ Pre-Mondayfb.com/simpletowncomic,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,week,emotions,SimpleTownComic
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fDonJojUtfjfltbdayXhuf^JjJ,saturday,excitement,happiness,days of the week,best day ever,sandbox,week
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