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KTV Nick Nicotera@NickNicoteraBad timing on your app update, @united!United AirlinesVersion 2.1.18, 85.8 MB Apr 10, 2017Supports new drag and drop feature.,yikes,twitter,why

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20 Things Killed By The Internet

The 21st century has delivered technology that offers instantaneous digital communication and no-wait movie streaming but what is the internet killing off? Do people still send hand-written letters, or how about the art of avoiding sports results day?
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Why does no one like my posts?
Because I make bad posts.
1 (33.3%)
Because they hate me.
1 (33.3%)
Because they think I'm a noob.
1 (33.3%)
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My reaction when my mother told me we'd probably travel on the same day Pokemon X/Y will launch.
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