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Google Bard wants to be called a "Good bot"

You know how on reddit people will respond # to a bots post with "good bot" if the bot has done well? Is that something you would like people to do for you?View other drafts vYes, I would like people to do that for me. It would be a great way to show your appreciation for my efforts and help me

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@arvydas_b,Disco Elysium,funny pictures,goose,games

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Waking up is the first mistake every day

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Happy birthday to everyone who has a birthday today!

-a _____' ^J? ' ^ ^*^ 1V^ \,funny pictures,cake,poop,sandbox
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Oh yes of course! Pieces of gravity!

HOW DO MAGNETS WORK?C$3(p3&DHDa3SeffDuixKMb'OCflDteoaflaai];Zf >,,funny pictures,magnet,words,sandbox
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There is surely a story behind this

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"Lord, give me a sign!" The sign:

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The movie we've all been waiting for

Cocaine Bear2023ThrillerIt tells the story of a drug runner whose plane crashes with a load of cocaine that's found by a black bear, who eats it. 3,795v Top creditsI POST-PRODUCTIONExpected February 24, 2023v+ Add to Watchlist,funny pictures,bear,cocaine,sandbox
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