monkey Crashes leaves cute adorable 

Monkey teaches Human how to Crush Leaves
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eagle birds camera stolen funny 

This eagle stole a camera from corcodile trap.
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hobbit movie tv new zealand airlines plane cool funny 

hobbit,movie,tv,new zealand,airlines,plane,cool,funny
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teeth crazy hyperdontia scary 

This is the crazy shit I ever seen and I'm sorry to know it's existence...
My friend got 4 horizontal wise teeth - I said fuck this... It's painful to look the x-ray...
I was born with 24 teeth instead of 32 and my lower jaw bone is thin like a cardboard and I can't chew hard things - I said I'll live with that...
My big brother was born only with permanent teeth - What the hell... A baby who could chew a beef stake at age 2 years old' this is fucked up...
But after I saw that thing I thought I saw almost everything in human dentology... Guys I know this is crazy fuck and this is called Hyperdontia:
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Alexander Khokhlov body art 

One of the greatest body artist I ever seen.
Alexander Khokhlov,body art
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dog Hitler britain countries uk york 

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rednecks boat sofa lazyness funny 

If there was a lake/river/sea near by my town I would build a sofa-boat. It looks like a great way to spend the summer... :-D
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tiger fail running scared sandbox 

When I was took pictures with tigers in Thailand, I saw the tigers laying on the grass like they don't give a shit. Because they used to get lot of people every day. I don't know how this guy was so scared.
BTW there's a lot of keepers with guns so if some tiger will try do somthing they will shoot it.
link to the gif
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water slide tallest kansas city Schlitterbahn sandbox 

Schlitterbahn’s Verrückt in Kansas City- world's tallest water slide to be open in the spring!
Call me coward or in any other name, but hell no I'm not that stupid to try this crazy slide with crazy German name that means "inasane". Good luck brave people and don't forget to write a will.
water slide,tallest,kansas city,Schlitterbahn,sandbox
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sex funny blow job sandbox nsfw dick 

formet it, f-rank-l'ro not falling for that ogainv^ssJOSNhYatf,sex,fucking,funny,blow job,sandbox,nsfw,sex related or lewd, adult content, dirty and nasty jokes,dick
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