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Worst Client Comments Turned Into Posters

HELOGOBIGGTHE MANDATE ISr UCATE PEOPLE ANDMOTIVATEmm RA MONEY.AV< m'ORDS 'HI\\ E* jN.Y.Do you have a Mac or a PC?|l li li I llHAVEnmmDTBTANIMATEDMOVING?I know you said the TV ad would beANIMATED"but THATS aCARTOON!9Qfrom the internet?TW TT,art,beautiful pictures,poster,sandbox
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Pokmon FusionParasect vLapras v,Pokemon,Paras,Pokemon fusion,bitch please,sandbox
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You can say class is boring when...
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Pokemon pokemon amie forever alone sandbox comic 

Po\z\M.o^ A\Mt.Well that's stupid, what does,Aw^it , anyway?,.le (= French: ^Irlfrlei/td),Pokemon,pokemon amie,forever alone,sandbox,comic
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Germania. Help.l somehow Griechenland, I gave you went all out of money!! a couple millionz lazt week.,countryballs,polandball,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,germany,countries,greece,money,sandbox
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Barely.... Of you support ozer countriez?V0So. ahm, have you got anyzing In common?pasque je sacheNicht das ich wsste.Keine Ahnung... Iz there ANYTHING you can tell about yourzelf?Well, we got alcohol!^V,countryballs,polandball,comics,funny comics &amp; strips,
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