That's a White-Necked Raven, not a Crow. Still cool though.
Azreal Azreal27.01.201802:15responselink
So I'm not going to buy a new system for this, so I have only a causal interest. What's the significance here? Are theses different outfits he wears or are they actual classes you can play as?
Azreal Azreal08.04.201705:00responselink
Anyone see the move Cube? I'm pretty sure this is how it all starts.
Azreal Azreal 08.04.201704:58 response link
How was this slide supposed to work? Was it just because it was wet that he went so far? Otherwise that seems negligent.
Azreal Azreal 08.04.201704:57 response link
When he steps down it adds and angled pressure to the bottom most part which would normally cause it to pull away from the tree, yet since the top is looped around the tree then the force gets distributed inwards towards the bottom and on the back with the loop. When he steps up he removes that force allowing the loop to go slack again so that he can raise it once again.
Azreal Azreal 08.04.201704:56 response link
Just going to say this looks like the new coke ad, you know because now everything has to be extreme and confusing to appease the millennials. Point of reference, here's a satire about the new Pepsi commercial
Azreal Azreal 08.04.201704:44 response link
Soooo, is this like a domestic violence cry for help and we all just assume it's a joke because some kicked the fuck out of that guy.
Azreal Azreal 08.04.201704:39 response link
Seems cool. Adds credibility to those sci-fi movies that have the rotating thinga-ma-bobs since this show that it would probably help stabilize a ship during travel or orbit.
Azreal Azreal 07.07.201613:37 response link
How the fuck did someone figure that shit out?.....

"Hey this plant here."
"Lets chop it up."
"Yeah, then we'll toss in some cement."
"Why the fuck would you do that."
"Dunno, seems like a good idea. You know what your right it's shit."
"You want me to add shit.... that seems dumb but OK"
"No, fuck, why would you add shit to it? I'm just gonna pour gasoline on it and burn it."
"Wait now, we've gone through too much trouble, help me squeeze the gasoline out and see what we can salvage."
"Alright, I suppose we should add some soda crystals to soak up the left over gasoline."
"Soooooo now what do we do with it?"
"I dare you to snort it up your nose......."

I'm pretty sure that's how cocaine was invented.
Azreal Azreal 07.07.201613:27 response link
Yet, I've still never heard of the Wedge tail until this photo, but I guarantee most the world knows of and recognizes the Bald eagle on sight. Such as the (likely) Australian who created this picture seems to know of the Bald eagle, and seems to assume everyone else knows it to. So my point still stands. Funny how that STILL works hu? But, hey, thanks for playing and good effort trying to be clever.
Azreal Azreal 27.01.201607:00 response link