The sad thing for both the rat and cat is that the rat is likely infected by a parasite that is looking to move to a new host, and as such causes the rat to act in a dangerous manner that will likely get him eaten.
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Here's the answer sheet. I don't agree with many since a lot start with "The", such as "G" the answer is "The Ghoul". They could have used "Ghoulies" instead since it actually starts with "G". F would have made more sense as Friday the 13th instead of "The Fog", so on and so forth.
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A- American Werewolf in London; B-Unknown; C-Child's Play; D- Dr. Giggles?; E- Evil Dead; F- Flatliners?; G- The Good son?; H-Hellraiser;
I-Invasion of the Body Snatchers; J-Jeepers Kreepers; K-Unknown; L-Leprechaun; M-Misery; N-Nightmare on Elm street; O-Omen (The Omen); P-Poltergeist; Q- Unknown; R-Re-animator; S-Scanners; T- Texas Chainsaw Massacre; U-Unknown; V- Unknown; W-Unknown; X-Unknown (X-Files maybe, but not a horror); Y-Unknown; Z-Zombieland; Theses were off the top of my head without looking anything up. I think I got all but 8, maybe.
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See, the video is actually slowed down. What you don't see is that that car was going 88 mph, it's just that his flux capacitor was not installed correctly.
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That's a White-Necked Raven, not a Crow. Still cool though.
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So I'm not going to buy a new system for this, so I have only a causal interest. What's the significance here? Are theses different outfits he wears or are they actual classes you can play as?
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Anyone see the move Cube? I'm pretty sure this is how it all starts.
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How was this slide supposed to work? Was it just because it was wet that he went so far? Otherwise that seems negligent.
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When he steps down it adds and angled pressure to the bottom most part which would normally cause it to pull away from the tree, yet since the top is looped around the tree then the force gets distributed inwards towards the bottom and on the back with the loop. When he steps up he removes that force allowing the loop to go slack again so that he can raise it once again.
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Just going to say this looks like the new coke ad, you know because now everything has to be extreme and confusing to appease the millennials. Point of reference, here's a satire about the new Pepsi commercial
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