Her tits sag so much, they nearly reach to her belly bottom. Imagine her 10 years older. I recommend a breast reduction, or a better artist.
Bavaria Bavaria03.04.201719:57responselink
1.) Tell the asshole of a driver he parked on the tube and he has to back up a little.
2.) Give the girl some knee pads, my joints hurt just from looking at the poor women.
Bavaria Bavaria03.04.201719:56responselink
Nice picture .... but the two refugees seem a little out of place in the middle of a battle. Also, they look VERY calm. Too calm when you consider that a gigantic monster is charging in their direction.
Bavaria Bavaria07.03.201703:24responselink
You can see the scar on her right breast on lower side of the areola. The right corner of her lips turn upwards in a maner only seen in shoddy surgeon work. Look at a picture of Donatella Versace or Emmanuelle Béart, you see what i mean.

And if she is brazilian, that only supports my claim. Brazil has the most plastic surgerys done in the whole world.
Bavaria Bavaria 17.02.201721:47 response link
She should sue her surgeon. The right breast is clearly bigger than the left, and her lips look hideous.
Bavaria Bavaria 17.02.201711:54 response link
Am i the only one that sees the fur growing over her belly button? Looks like a werewolf.
Bavaria Bavaria 29.01.201715:37 response link
Oh for f###s sake, THAT WAS the problem, thanks Hinoron.
I mostly download them and watch the gifs and videos in VLC from my HDD. Didn't know that my download programm could run in such a problem.
I find it interesting, that my downloader can suck a 1,5GB video from youtube without a problem, but fails with a 24MB video/gif here.

Ahhhh ..... the wounders of n̶a̶t̶u̶r̶e̶ the internet.
Bavaria Bavaria 17.01.201706:55 response link
I have a problem with this video. From second 36 on it looks like this:

Doesn't matter if i watch it in Firefox or download it and use VLV or WindowsMediaPlayer.
Any ideas?
Bavaria Bavaria 16.01.201702:06 response link
Does she have so much silicone in her lips that she is not able to close her mouth? Certainly looks like it.
Bavaria Bavaria 15.01.201719:44 response link
Jesus, what is this guys problem?
Bavaria Bavaria12.01.201719:42responselink