First world problem.
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Because what you have today is a bunch of whiners convinced that they can make their way in society with junk degrees such as gender studies, phys ed,
and nutrition along with unethical institutions of "higher learning" selling the idea that a sheepskin will entitle them to a 6 figure wage. I, myself, did not pay a red cent for my college education earning it through scholarship, VA subsidies, and reimbursement through company sponsorship. I'm a double E. I'm also currently retired and financially independent. Plus, because of my skills, I'm still in demand which means I work at will for folding cash. (Called consultancy) We need to return to a time where going to college was a privilege earned by people of higher intellect and motivation not by whining mediocre intellects.
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To clear the comment up I believe the author meant non-deterministic Turing (NDT) machine after Alan Turing the notable computer scientist. As for wizards from Hogwarts conjuring an NDT they're a day late and a dollar short. Muggles and Mages alike do it routinely without magic. It's called procreation. These organic NDTs already break encryption algorithms (aka Hackers). They steal identities, empty bank accounts, and destroy credit. Fortunately panic and chaos is not rampant. (Yet) As for radical religious groups you don't need to look for mages as an excuse for we already have a rat's nest of them - ISIL, Al Qaeda, Hezbolla, Hamas, Iran, et al. And we've just about handed the Ayatollahs nukes! So, sit back, grab a beer and pretzels. Welcome to Armeggedon!
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My girl asked to open a jar. I told her to install java instead. :-D
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Or getting up at 4 AM to go take a leak, walking barefooted down a dark hallway to the bathroom, and stepping in it!
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About time for the 2016 summer swimsuit fashions to come out. When it comes to ladies bikinis I like nothing better! Best part about late summer is the summer fashion sales especially bikinis half off sales. Preferentially I like the bottom half off! :-D
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Panda loves his waifu! So kawaii desu! :-D
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Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana!
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Unfortunately his mass remains the same!
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He has met one of the true masters of the universe!
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