Love ur post always will
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Source plz for love of god
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Thats a awful lot of words for pink,orange,grey,green,brown,blue,black,yellow,white,red,purple and people wonder why most guys don't bother with spacifics
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I think the joke got lost in translation.....
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Check search oppai there a few that look simalar but I don't know if they the same or not or even how big the ones they sell are
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Seen enough hentai
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I got to watch a girl try this In real life I was working and her and her friwnd walked up to me and asked about some thing that was on sale and where to get it I honestly can't tell u much more cause the whole time the friend was talking the one girl was despritly trying to zip her two beautiful breast imto her 2-3sizes small coat
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In my house it usaly happens when my youngest goes in and decided to use a whole rool of tp and maybe some of the next rool then flushes ..... its a very tramatic thing to walk in on and a pain in the ass to unclog
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Got my vote
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