I can do that! But i take an arrow to my knee...
Colesterol Colesterol 15.05.201720:23 response link
Does anybody hace the source of the comics?
Colesterol Colesterol 20.03.201722:45 response link
What sorcery is this?
Colesterol Colesterol 20.03.201707:37 response link
I see the picture and my mind triggered a JetForceGemini momentum.... now i feel old.
Colesterol Colesterol 02.01.201723:07 response link
Theres probably a shark nearby, thats a reason a seal can climb the board....
Colesterol Colesterol 05.12.201609:14 response link
I dont know who is more disappointed, the girl os the boy behind her....
Colesterol Colesterol 02.11.201608:24 response link
I can do that, hold my double mccheese with extra big diet coke and 3lbs fries!!!
Colesterol Colesterol 30.08.201620:59 response link
Me neither, yet there are a lot of diferent eagles we may not know, besides, countrys with some kind of relation (USA, Mexico, Australia) share some facts, i know about the Bald Eagle, a lot of show that come from US in some point show a Bald Eagle, same goes to Movies or sports (you have a tendency to bring an Bald Eagle in every major event), even when i travel to USA a lot of people have their trucks with that eagle and your flag.... so, i know about the bald eagle, maybe some australian guy knew about the bald eagle the same way, yet, every time someone say eagle, on my mind appear a picture of the Golden Eagle, nothing wrong in any side to think their way, just is not that "when most people hear the world Eagle, they generally picture the bald eagle", maybe in the US, but not in other countrys.
Colesterol Colesterol 27.01.201607:33 response link
Depend on where you were born or raised, in the USA relate eagle with a "Bald Eagle" is normal i think, but in other countrys as Australia, eagle can be related to that particular specie "Australian Wedge Tail Eagle", in Mexico is related to the "Golden Eagle". Funny how really that works hu?
Colesterol Colesterol 26.01.201621:37 response link
Why this teeth are called "wisdom" while they are clearly retards? At least my widowm teeth was a standar removal without surgery
Colesterol Colesterol 25.09.201501:48 response link