Thats a Bass, not a guitar.......
Colesterol Colesterol 22.06.201808:21 response link
Indeed, probably the whole pack rape that man(?) after that
Colesterol Colesterol 01.05.201802:38 response link
Batmans face is like.... How im gonna punish this cat? (pervert_mummy.jpg).....
Colesterol Colesterol 01.05.201802:32 response link
Idk why, but i read this in Bender Rodriguez and Fry voice
Colesterol Colesterol 14.02.201809:25 response link
Does anybody have the contact from this guy? I bought a package and only 2 came in the box, im pretty shure that is the one was missed in my package
Colesterol Colesterol 08.02.201808:20 response link
Or the foreveralone fat lady in the desk took it and say his boyfriend send it to her
Colesterol Colesterol 06.02.201800:19 response link
Free pro-tip: Wrong question lead to wrong endings.... you must not ask "what do you want for dinner?".... you must ask "guess were we are going to eat/or to go?"... once she anwers you take it to that place of bring that food, it took me years to figure that out
Colesterol Colesterol 01.02.201803:31 response link
I think she is Big Barda, not Wonder Woman
Colesterol Colesterol 30.01.201808:12 response link
He's a witch!!!
Colesterol Colesterol 26.11.201702:33 response link
You got a stupid longsword!! Why you take the close quarter approach? And with movements that wide, just slice the knee off of her, i dont see GOT but i hope that guy die in the series....
Colesterol Colesterol26.11.201702:31responselink