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I dare you!!!!!
% DAMAGE?WHY NIT-1001DAMAGE!mematic.net,high expectations asian father,memes,games
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art mario games love Count Bleck and Tippi 

Well I just finished Super Paper Mario yesterday. I encourage everyone to play it. So here's some fan art by yours truly depicting the ending of the game.
Yes that's my depiction of Tippi.
^----&I'.<.,.. '*'''i^V$"V*';'>* 7' * ';7,- ^r,,, , . " ''''> >" :; ^ ':^-' -4v':vv^~ - *;:f^;''"^18,:^?5!J,*>' - *' - Vi?1 ; - v:>**r:--j^''-'*v-1-'->fjj.-';-...5-dfi*&j-.-;7:& :^:-^' /.'--- -^/:'-$$|'*'*'%-*-J * ' *S*tt-;... >-v. .- * avi-.v^-v ; - > --*>' *v v .-, -*f> <- - ^va-.*.-.VA.. w.
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question mario games 

Hmm Should I post this drawing of Blumire and Timpani or just keep it to myself?
Don't worry I've got tough skin so I really don't care about criticism.
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Well I'm gonna live a very very long time
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Dee fuc ?
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Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have to save the world from a 1000 year old Demon And I'm sucking at it
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ecchi anime girl art pantsu Sora no Otoshimono Astraea 

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Oh dear I'm so clumsy . Now I have cu.......er........soap yes soap all over me
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