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China 1938 - the end

4-2 years of robbery^Japan aims to Dominate the WorldIn a memorial addressed to the Emperor of Japan, in 1927, known as the Tanaka Memorandum, Baron Tanaka, former Prime Minister, states "If we succeed in conquering China, all the other Asiatic countries and the countries in the South Seas will

The Fountain-head of Oriental Culture and BeautyThe history of the Chinese people goes back 5,000 yearsraChma has produced philosophers artists, poets I inventonw|nd soldiers .The Grea^WaTof China Pshown below, was bmlt by th^rEmperor Chin Shih Huatig in 46-210 B.c. to; / serve as a barriW^gainst

pgjlffjfRADE LOwovcottrom AH SEilitli filil OVcnf*52 NATIONS CONDEMN JAPANExhibition of Contemporary Chinese Wood-cuts Drawings and Cartoons at Constable House,76 Charlotte St., London, W.i, organised by the Artists, wLn tern ational cTfssocia tion, wo')>. J to Nov. 18,Kri a.m. to 8 p.m.Fifty-two

l (Right) Stark Terror. Evidence of senses dulled by agony f are written on the features of this old woman and her little fgranddaughter. They ride in a rickshaw after being injured a a bombing raid on their defenceless village west of Shanghai. The village was blasted out of existence.eft) To Beat

China is an enormous country. Its population is 450,000,000, approximately one-fifth of the world's population. Its area is 4,277,260 square miles. In size if is second only to the U.S.S.R.The Chinese Landscape is enormously varied. There are mountains, deserts, rivers, sWamps, and fertile

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1938, China-2

Planet NewsSon Tat Sen, great nationalist leader (inset above) who relied on the broad mass of the people, died in 1925. Founder of the Koumintang, organisation for the ., liberation of China, Ins three principles were Nationalism, Democracy, and Social Justice. For 40 years he struggled. First

Planet NewsMarch of. TimeLaunching one of the most unprovoked and brutal attacks of alltime, Japanese Imperialism is to-day bringing devastation and death to the peaceful Chinese people.With unheard of ferocity, hundreds of defenceless towns have been bombed from the air and thousands of innocent

mmtmtttm iMiiiaftWHILE CHINA SEEKS TO CHANGEITS LIFEovercoming old prejudices andhabits theJAPANESE MARAUDERSlay waste whole provinces with untold barbarity. But this time they are meeting with determined resistance. The whole country has risen as one man to beat back the invaders. The remarkable

Planet NewsPlanet NewsPlanet Newsjve) The Engineering Corps sends its units the danger zone under protection of heavy machine-guns and their own poised rifles.(Above) Machine-gunners of Suiyuan patrol the skies of this stormy province waiting for visiting. Japanese bombers. This soldier is one of

Planet News(Left) Aerial Survey. Searching the skies for enemy planes on a lull on the northern front. This observation squad has all the latest equipment for spotting planes and reporting necessary information to tiie anti-aircraft batteries nearby. The bundles of branches which they wear on their

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