you must be kidding! That's not fat! :D
Gattolo Gattolo24.12.202010:48responselink
I know, I was just being ironic :P
Gattolo Gattolo23.12.202018:05responselink
Doggy McNuggets
Gattolo Gattolo23.12.202018:05responselink
I do not remember what powers she had in the cartoon, but I am pretty sure it is related to making things harder, I reckon...
Gattolo Gattolo23.12.202013:36responselink
it would be funny if it wasn't such a human tragedy :(
Gattolo Gattolo30.11.202020:08responselink
Holy moley!
Who's she?!?
Gattolo Gattolo20.11.202010:50responselink
Gattolo Gattolo20.11.202010:49responselink
the Biggest Loser Ever
Gattolo Gattolo19.10.202019:52responselink