Blowing a candle: she took it wrong.
Unless you're the candle, that's it.
Gattolo Gattolo27.06.202220:07responselink
who's she?!
Gattolo Gattolo27.06.202213:33responselink
I already love her!
Gattolo Gattolo24.06.202212:04responselink
God bless the temporary, then! :)
Gattolo Gattolo21.06.202218:30responselink
directly from "Fallout 2" :)
Gattolo Gattolo12.06.202213:12responselink
Darn fake nipples! :)
Gattolo Gattolo10.06.202209:47responselink
ancient bras
Gattolo Gattolo06.06.202210:54responselink
given the pic, more "Christopher Boobin"
Gattolo Gattolo27.05.202213:35responselink
the pain for the separation is evident. A black despair entered her soul.
And not just her sould, I'd say.
Gattolo Gattolo24.05.202212:02responselink
pimp my Woody
Gattolo Gattolo02.05.202213:27responselink