no one can blame the elephant!
Gattolo Gattolo 06.03.202010:54 response link
luckly for the human specie, the guy won't be able to reproduce anymore...
Gattolo Gattolo06.03.202010:54responselink
Victoria's Secret push-up tattoo? :)
Gattolo Gattolo 04.03.202010:57 response link
well, the lack of moivaiton is appreciable as when you have it ;)
Gattolo Gattolo02.03.202011:10responselink
I guess these are not drawings, right!? :)
Gattolo Gattolo28.02.202013:54responselink
I confess I expected something happening to the kiddo up to the very last moment! :)
Gattolo Gattolo 24.02.202018:27 response link
Darn! that was close!!
Gattolo Gattolo 12.02.202017:21 response link
Come to the Dark Side. We have coo...Boobs. We have boobs.
Gattolo Gattolo 05.02.202011:34 response link
Gattolo Gattolo 04.02.202014:21 response link
that's quite the definition of "firm"!
Gattolo Gattolo31.01.202013:29responselink