Gattolo Gattolo 30.01.202011:53 response link
so you mean that this is not a picture?! Wow...impressive!
The nipple effect is great...I am a little more sceptical on the effect on the pants....looks a little "added by someone else" (nooffence meant! Consider that I am the kind of "stick-man" as maximum expression of my artistic skills!)
Gattolo Gattolo 17.01.202011:02 response link
going right now to see the newborn! :)
Gattolo Gattolo 17.01.202010:59 response link
How many "wet dreams" in my youth, back in the '80.... :)
Gattolo Gattolo 16.01.202016:02 response link
I really can't get why the cat is so grumpy....:D :D
Gattolo Gattolo 16.01.202010:51 response link
I am a computer-primitive, so I am not even sure if Gimp is any different from the more famous Photoshop....But the two paintings are just great! So....I am in the list of people waiting for your next work :)
Gattolo Gattolo16.01.202010:49responselink
I could watch it for hours.
actualy, it is sort of an hour more since I started writing....
Gattolo Gattolo 15.01.202018:46 response link
god damn! That's working more thn the Hypnotoad!
Gattolo Gattolo15.01.202018:31responselink
just do IT
Gattolo Gattolo 15.01.202018:17 response link
when you get "corny"!
Gattolo Gattolo 15.01.202017:50 response link