political election Trump biden 2020 

(Oh thank God! Whew!)

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meme covid-19 

This guy's been preparing to Social Distance since at least January 2020.

How has there been no new posts in 4 weeks, when so many people are stuck at home with their computers?
Well, I always felt those who do nothing about the problems themselves have no right to complain, so here!
Possibly not the most brilliant post ever, but at least now I can complain guilt-free. ;)
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comics doctor covid-19 corona virus funny maximumble 

Making the most of Corona!

THERE GO. GOOV.? , NO THI6 16 JA50N'6 LUNCH.X MAT 1 .,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,doctor,covid-19,corona virus,funny,maximumble
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funny motifake Slice of life 

Sometimes, comedy is something you find in a supermarket.

I can't decide it this is the dumbest, OR most brilliant product placement every presented by a minimum-wage earning grocery clerk.h ll'll1 mJL_ 'Jmp* 3- j 12 J,funny,motifake,Slice of life
FYI, this supermarket does have a clothing section, but it's halfway across the store, not here.

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weed drugs legalization mascot Weed-chan art 

Mtp://drtk4wtf*fv.^.tumWf.a>m,weed,drugs,legalization,mascot,Weed-chan,art,beautiful pictures
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meme Too Much porn macdonalds 

Life WILL give you little clues...

iMC i,meme,Too Much porn,macdonalds
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comics Britain vs USA comedy humon Scandinavia & The World 

(Comic "Scandinavia and the World", by Humon. https://satwcomic.com/the-world )
What's the difference between American and British humor?Imagine a waiter spilling food on a guest.The guest gets angry and starts yelling at the waiter.I'm going to a wedding!This suit cost me my entire savings! Where will I get a new one!?I'm s-so sorry, sir. Let me get that off.In an American
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games Skyrim The Elder Scrolls 

This isn't a re-post from elsewhere by the way; taken with my own cameraphone, this is my instinctive reaction every time I drive down this street. :P )
YOU KNOW YOUVE PLAYED TOO MUCH SKYRIM WHEN..."Ooh! Lucky! I should pull over and collect that!",games,Skyrim,The Elder Scrolls
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comics economics education america countries 

It's funny until you realize how true it is.

TU6 ONLY MATHwe should 6|CHILDREN \Sarithmetic. if we taught them differential equations, they could calculate interest and make investments./IF we TAUGHT THEM PROBABILITY, THEY'D UNDERSTAND Pout'S ANDpredictions. if we taught them logic, they wouldn't eeFOOLED BY SCAMS.youre making- mVPOINT FOR
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