"Who do you want to look like, little dude?"
"Grace Jones!"
"...The hell do you even know who that is? A'ight."
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This... makes me very hesitant to drink that "milk".
Hinoron Hinoron22.08.201719:26responselink
Why police shoes aren't cross-trainers, we may never know.
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"Sometimes, you just need a cheerleader."
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"Macha" being the high-grade green tea powder the Japanese use in formal tea ceremony, for those less familiar.
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That made my day. ^_^
It takes so little to make a man happy, really.
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Yeah... this one isn't going on the list of your smart moves either, "Daddy".
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Beware lolcats! Your days in the sun are numbered!
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FYI, if you click the "response" button instead of adding a new, non-replying comment, I would have gotten a notification you'd said something to me... like the one you're about to get. ;)
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What a warm, family-oriented company to work for. ^_^
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