...and every man in the place who WASN'T a huge douchebag put a $10 bill into her tip jar for the free entertainment!
Hinoron Hinoron17.07.201809:27responselink
Meh... drugs wear off (and it IS a tiger!)

If you gave me sedatives before a medical procedure without warning me, I'd probably forgive you.
If I woke up and discovered you'd amputated the first joint of all of my fingers... I doubt I ever would!
Hinoron Hinoron16.07.201808:46responselink
I had no idea squirrels were so vicious! ^_^
Hinoron Hinoron16.07.201807:45responselink
The dog doesn't know where you went... and doesn't care. He just wants to jack off on your favourite blanket.

Hinoron Hinoron16.07.201807:44responselink
Wait... has someone declawed that thing? That's horrible! :(
Somewhat safer for humans near it, admittedly, but still don't approve of mutilating animals.
Hinoron Hinoron16.07.201807:43responselink
Most of these girls look very young... uncomfortably so. :(
Hinoron Hinoron15.07.201810:17responselink
Ambitious kitten has big aspirations!
Hinoron Hinoron13.07.201810:16responselink
............................ Lady... did you, or did you not, just deliberately tongue-kiss the lion?
Dammit, I'm out!
Hinoron Hinoron13.07.201810:14responselink
Well... still VASTLY more humane than the usual surgical procedure known as "declawing" which might more descriptively be called "de-fingering". :/
Hinoron Hinoron13.07.201810:13responselink
This is the wrong bus.
No, I don't care where it's going; it's still the wrong bus!
Hinoron Hinoron13.07.201810:10responselink