The Japanese a MERCILESS pranksters.
I don't think you could pull this show off in the USA without massive lawsuits before the first episode even got to air.
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"Not quite erotic"??

What do you think that word means?
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Also some deliverers are taking advantage of the situation to steal the packages they're dropping off. Lots of videos of them putting the box down on the porch, snapping a picture as delivery proof, and picking the box right back up and leaving with it.
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DEAD. A dead animal.
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1. They said hell-no... and the meta answer is this is creepier with it being dudes.
2. True, and there-in lies the absurdity of the joke. Sperm could probably be extracted directly via syringe-to-the-nut by a specifically trained medical professional, but you'd still have to collected if fairly soon from the time of death, before the sperm die (they have very exact temperature requirements).
3. That sounds like the strangest Sunday morning sermon I will never have to hear. Thank whomever!
5. You mean "consent". Because cops are famous for respecting people's civil and human rights when they're alive?
6. Desecration of a corpse. It has it's own legal category.
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Wait until she pushes it over a curb.
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I would have watched that episode.
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(Someone answered your question replying to the wrong comment, and I'd hate you to miss it.)

"Anna Song"
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I've come back to see this 3x now, and it's still cracking me up!
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If that's Nevada, he knows where the whore house is.
If it's anywhere else, they're going to a hotel.
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