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Naaaaaah... She's not bitter!

Shampoo is a better martial artist, better cook (by far) more glamorous in fashion, larger bust, generally less common and ordinary, and the equivalent of a "Warrior Princess" in her home culture's social standing...
...and yet still, for some inexplicable reason, her "husband" is living under her rival Akane's roof. It's vexing!

She's not allowed to kill her though, so she got creative.
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Ranma 1/2 anime erotic Ranmabooks.com comics nsfw ecchi 

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We like to combine the sexy and the funny! ^_^
What if Ranma had acquired a different curse on his trip to Jusenkyo?I don't knowr what freaks me out more:^ the breasts or the scales! Most guys my age would love to get , ^ some tail, but not like this!Oh no, you fall in f most illogical pool of all! ^ Spring of Drowned Mermaid! Not sure how that
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