How come? I'm surely other site drags you there to join eh?
Jerduh74 Jerduh74 21.12.201700:22 response link
link to the gif
Jerduh74 Jerduh74 19.11.201709:17 response link
Simple.. twins.
Jerduh74 Jerduh74 15.11.201707:51 response link
Lol, poor 'magician'.
Jerduh74 Jerduh7405.10.201700:00responselink
Good one, Jeffy. That's look rad.
Jerduh74 Jerduh74 02.10.201701:52 response link
'24.Nov.2015' repost.
Jerduh74 Jerduh7401.10.201721:58responselink
(gif animation, animated pictures) ... really?
Jerduh74 Jerduh74 30.09.201720:14 response link
Least that happens in COMICS, not in real life. -_-
Jerduh74 Jerduh7421.09.201707:06responselink
Jerduh74 Jerduh74 17.09.201722:57 response link
Is that 'Jack-Jack Parr' from 'The Incredibles' ?
Jerduh74 Jerduh74 17.09.201722:54 response link