Source please.
Julian Frost Julian Frost 15.01.201620:28 response link
Some of those birds are guinea fowl. But is that even a tag?
Julian Frost Julian Frost11.01.201619:16responselink
She looks a bit like "Anger" from the Pixar film "Inside Out".
Julian Frost Julian Frost 11.01.201619:13 response link
Is the cat charged up with static electricity and that's why balloons are sticking to it?
Julian Frost Julian Frost 26.12.201520:17 response link
I would have thought not "Inception", but "The Matrix" and Deja Vu.
Julian Frost Julian Frost 05.12.201513:56 response link
That's exactly what I thought.
Julian Frost Julian Frost 05.12.201500:33 response link
Yeah. "Butcher's Hook" for "Look"; "bucket and pail" for "Jail"; "apples and pears" for "stairs"; "ice cream freezer" for "geezer"; "syrup of fig" for "wig"; "china plate" for "mate", among others.
Julian Frost Julian Frost 22.11.201513:12 response link
If an electronic device falls into water, you're supposed to put it in rice to dry it out and then it'll work. That's the joke. :)
Julian Frost Julian Frost 02.11.201520:39 response link
Where's the kangaroo? As a long jumper, I understand that's champion.
Julian Frost Julian Frost24.10.201517:58responselink
Tag needs to be Diabolo, not yoyo.
Julian Frost Julian Frost18.10.201513:02responselink