Source please.
Julian Frost Julian Frost15.01.201620:28responselink
Some of those birds are guinea fowl. But is that even a tag?
Julian Frost Julian Frost11.01.201619:16responselink
She looks a bit like "Anger" from the Pixar film "Inside Out".
Julian Frost Julian Frost11.01.201619:13responselink
Is the cat charged up with static electricity and that's why balloons are sticking to it?
Julian Frost Julian Frost26.12.201520:17responselink
I would have thought not "Inception", but "The Matrix" and Deja Vu.
Julian Frost Julian Frost05.12.201513:56responselink
That's exactly what I thought.
Yeah. "Butcher's Hook" for "Look"; "bucket and pail" for "Jail"; "apples and pears" for "stairs"; "ice cream freezer" for "geezer"; "syrup of fig" for "wig"; "china plate" for "mate", among others.
If an electronic device falls into water, you're supposed to put it in rice to dry it out and then it'll work. That's the joke. :)
Where's the kangaroo? As a long jumper, I understand that's champion.
Julian Frost Julian Frost24.10.201517:58responselink
Tag needs to be Diabolo, not yoyo.
Julian Frost Julian Frost18.10.201513:02responselink