This speaks to me on such an emotional level.
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If you look closely you can see those are prosthetic arms.
K405! K405! 13.07.201302:22 response link
...and there's the wind up.
K405! K405! 06.07.201319:02 response link
That would suck if this thing gave me a stupid seiz-;ldnhf;sndfsdnfa;sdnfhasdjnadsfokj39judcfmzxl;c,
K405! K405! 22.06.201302:59 response link
Nicely done.
K405! K405! 22.06.201302:58 response link
I don't even have an image epic enough to show you how bad I want this.
K405! K405! 22.06.201302:46 response link
Why do I think Tron when I see this?
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