I feel so conflicted about this
KALovejoy KALovejoy 26.05.201515:30 response link
KALovejoy KALovejoy 26.05.201515:27 response link
Ugh It makes my skin crawl just by looking at it
KALovejoy KALovejoy 25.05.201509:02 response link
Hashtag; Meatspin
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You're just setting your self for an old joke
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They made a spin off stand alone series, but all the monster girls look exactly the same as the one's in the comic/ manga you are talking about.
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this reminds me of the shrimp guy from Finding Nemo
KALovejoy KALovejoy12.05.201502:21responselink
A tattoo of Jesus eating bacon? I would kind of like to see that.
KALovejoy KALovejoy06.05.201517:35responselink
How can she even hope to hit any thing while holding the gun like that?!
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I use to not understand sacrarium like you then I ... wait for it... Took a long look back at my life.
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