Look up GTA V Trevor Philips, then you will understand
KALovejoy KALovejoy 29.01.201522:58 response link
I know right. But If your mad about this you should see the huvercars in far cry 4
KALovejoy KALovejoy 27.01.201521:15 response link
Dat's a Moose my good sir. And trust me I know
KALovejoy KALovejoy 27.01.201521:11 response link
I fucking hate those things!
KALovejoy KALovejoy 27.01.201520:53 response link
He din't ask for this
KALovejoy KALovejoy 22.01.201517:28 response link
Okay I got the second part of that, but not the first.
KALovejoy KALovejoy 21.01.201521:58 response link
Egyptian Rave Protest!
KALovejoy KALovejoy 21.01.201517:10 response link
If world war III ever happens and Russia wins tis will be Putin's victory dance!
KALovejoy KALovejoy 20.01.201523:13 response link
How come I get the felling if I open the letter it will Explode?!
KALovejoy KALovejoy 20.01.201517:08 response link
My stepfather was all ready afraid of these things, after I show him this... boom new nightmare fuel!
KALovejoy KALovejoy14.01.201516:37responselink