Kamajii Kamajii 02.01.201520:41 response link
May be the guy just visited IKEA the very first time in his life.
Kamajii Kamajii 22.12.201410:56 response link
It is better for his health not to go abroad.
Kamajii Kamajii 20.11.201420:35 response link
Kamajii Kamajii 13.11.201400:16 response link
Those faces..
Kamajii Kamajii10.11.201407:54responselink
This KAMAZ have dumped alittle, and it helped.
Kamajii Kamajii 03.11.201423:58 response link
"Bear and child in Russia" - and glory to Ukraine. And they will bomb Syria. Logic )
Kamajii Kamajii 26.10.201417:45 response link